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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Brain Droppings May 14, 2016 and Flower Photos

  1. Fury Road rules.
  2. On the other hand X-men 3 is still the most disappointing movie I've ever seen. 
  3. I have declared life long enmity with Kevin Cotter. He knows what he did.
  4. And while I'm at it Trump is dragging me whole hog to the left. I don't like it but what am I going to do?
  5. You know when I get pissed about anything I tend to take it out on the government... but is that a bad thing, I mean the government kind of has has it coming more so than any other poor sap who tends to be around when I blow.  
  6. I can't watch or even talk about Inside/Out without crying. So it rules but I can't sit through it again or else I'll spend the next 3 days after as a blubbering blob of jelly
  7. The good guys on Once Upon a Time tend to suck but the villains are brilliant.
  8. That villain thing doesn't extend to Swan who can't handle being evil
  9. Alice was pretty bad ass though
  10. And Ruby tends to kick some ass
  11. I kind of dislike that Disney is replaying their greatest hits, but yeah I'll probably get around to watching Jungle Book eventually.
  12. That said Princess Mononoke does what the 60's Jungle Book was trying to do better.
  13. Spider-man should have been in Daredevil. I don't know how but Spider-man should have been in Daredevil. 
  14. Funimation finally decided to stream Yu-Yu Hakusho. Good times. Good Times
  15. Adult Swim and Toonami are starting to get good again. 
  16. But man did they have their years of suck.
  17. Ghost in the Shell rules.
  18. But Arise is nowhere close to as good as Stand Alone Complex which ironically stands alone even without the movie as a must watch.
  19. You know while the Star Wars prequels are pretty bad there are a lot of good ideas in them. 
  20. Which are almost all done better by Clone Wars.
  21. Speaking of which Last Exile is pretty much Battlefield Earth without the stupid. 
  22. Lilith's Brood rules. 
  23. Animorphs rules. 
  24. Durarara rules but its second and third seasons are kind of pointless.
  25. But that Shizou alley speech makes up for a lot
  26. I should read American Splendor, and Ms. Marvel, and Silent Spring, and just get on that upgrading of my library thing in general.
  27. Route 66 would rule if I could ever get it out of my head. 
  28. You know a lot of good post Motown music has come out of Detroit. Town gets no credit
  29. I like Gate but damn that show is military propaganda
  30. And it kind of pisses me off that the show treats everybody who doesn't use an attack chopper to solve all problems as an idiot. 
  31. But I think it's fun all the same. Which scares me
  32. With all the trapped in an MMO shows coming out I still say .Hack//Sign holds up pretty well being one of the few that actually takes its premise seriously and holding up on a lot of the wink wink nudge nudge fanservice/ marty stu stuff. 
  33. That said Overlord was pretty damn fun. 
  34. And so was Gangsta. I like it but last year was so good I kind of fear it got lost in the shuffle. 
  35. Speaking of which Fate/Stay is back to being better than Fate/Zero again though both make up the show I wish Once was. 
  36. On another note to be honest 12 Kingdoms is the best damn trapped in a fantasy world story I've ever seen and I can't see any of this season's up and comers topping it. 
  37. One Punch Man rules. 
  38. And Daria is the Queen Mother of the Universe. 
And I might as well upload some photos I took

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