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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Pitch: Rewriting Magic the Gathering Lore As A TV Show Part 2: Characters

I really like this idea so I can't shake it and part of me wants to outline characters.  As usual when forming magic the gathering characters I think color is a good baseline.

Also I kind want each of these character to be demonstrating magical aptitude before they are aware of how magic magic works strictly.

Sort of like force sensitives in Star Wars.


The immediate image I had in my head when writing what I did yesterday was a of a green mage. A character who in this new world all of a sudden finds themselves surrounded by fauna and flora and instead of the chaos caused by being thrust into a new world are comforted by it. They aren't so much concerned about what has happened or how to survive it but are simply in awe of so much life.

This character would have a natural empathy for animals. And that is how they come into thier magic. Not from being told about the mechanics of the world. At first they wouldn't even realizing they were doing magic all they would know is that when animals are around them they seem stronger and better able to survive what nature throws at them. And that when in danger all of a sudden they would be around to help the mage maybe even an old animal companion.

The mage wouldn't be hostile to humans on the contrary they would be quite social but all the same they would just noticeably get along better with animals.


Whoever represented white would more or less be similar to my green guy except with people. They would be able to quickly understand how and why people did what they did.  And as such would be great at forming coalitions.

We're talking the leader guy,

Not necessarily a fantasy prince or king figure but at the very least someone who would develop into "The Captain" of his immediate circle by virtue of enforcing moral action. When something goes wrong he is the guy who insists his crew fix it.

Being a such team player this guy would be able to use "martial" magic and "healing" magic.


So my blue guy would have been a student before being transported and would have a whole mess of that knowledge still in their head, not enough to be an omnipotent God in a fantasy world but enough so that if they were clever and we're talking blue so they would be, they would be able to apply that knowledge.

Yep I'm talking an artificer.

Eventually they would be recognized by the big wigs and given access to even more knowledge allowing him or her to be the first of the planeswalkers with a decent grasp on the mechanics of how magic itself works in this world perhaps even coming across ancient written accounts of other planeswalkers and trying to summon someone from thier original world to fill in informational gaps.

 Again I want the characters to be using magic before they even realize that they have been so blue would be subtly using mind magic.


Put simply I want someone who lives as my red mage. It's not that the character is angry but that they feel things and have a tendency to act on those feelings regardless of consequences. In short they're hot blooded.

And said magic would be geared toward allowing that person to be able to be that reckless. So spells that involve luck, and brawling.


In short for Black I want somebody who knows about human weakness, who tries to compensate for their own by exploiting other's. Instead of making people stronger they have tendency to make them weaker so that by default he is the strongest around. A foil for white who understands how to use human nature to encourage the best black would be about using it to devise the fall of threats.

They would be able to manipulate people into forgetting important details, or be able to intimidate and trick them into a course of action.

Also since they would be woefully aware of their own weaknesses they would be vulnerable to corruption and temptation via offers of power, by say all the ancient evil beings that want to exert influence over the multiverse even if they can't directly travel in the same way planeswalkers can..

So while eventually they might have the same sort of organically obtained knowledge as the blue guy they would have access to all the ancient forbidden stuff because ...something... would be whispering in thier ear.

That said I don't want all of that to imply that this character is evil. I just want to provide a framework for how they operate and how thier magic would express itself. And that is more or less the point. At least at first none of these characters would be in direct conflict with one another.

My idea would be to have a plot structure somewhat like Heroes where they are all discovering their powers and floating in and out of each other's lives until they all converge at the same point which would be the appearance of an established planeswalker who in the season finale would open their eyes to the wider multiverse .


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