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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Thoughts on A Goofy Movie

Now I kind of want to talk about A Goofy Movie one of the most underated Disney movies out there, but before I can I need to talk about.

 Okay so in the 90's Disney tried to repurpose a lot of it's old I.P.s for TV. Mostly this meant a lot of ______ the animated shows.

 But oftentimes especially with older I.P.s they went weird.  Like The Jungle Book re-imagined as a 1920's flying pulp.

Goofy's version of this was a show that imagined him as a single dad trying to raise his Son, Max, in suburbia with Pegleg Pete as an obnoxious next door neighbor.

But something wierd happened. While a lot shows had a kid character Max, as well as his best friend Pete Jr. began to take over more and more of the show where it got to the point where they were the show. It eventually become more of a kid com about Max and P.J.'s preteen social awkwardness than an update to the modern slapstick of the old shorts.

Not that it wasn't there. The show was great at satirizing suburban life in same vein as the Jetsons and the Flintsons

But here is the rub. When it comes to older I.P. the mouse has never really been good at using it. That's more or less how MaleficentCinderella and even Once Upon a Time happened. Disney trying to figure out a way to actually do something it's older properties rather than just coasting off merch and theme parks.

It's on my list.

Goof Troop was a decently popular show in its time and had made Goofy, Goofy of all characters cool again. But all things must end and the show was canceled after a respectable 78 episodes.  Thing about a lot of animated hits of my childhood is they just refuse to die.

And Goof Troop got a last hurrah as a theatrical release Serenity style.

Here is the thing. Being both a fan of the show and the movie I have to applaud the choices they made in the show. Rather than it being an extended episode like most of these types of these movies the show, by a everybody up a few years the movie became about something bigger than the slap stick antics.

Due to some act one shenanigans the elder Goof thinks his kid is becoming delinquent and though well meaning drags him on the road trip from hell rather than doing the smart thing and just talking to the guy to see what's up.

For Max's part he makes the mistake of thinking that his Dad is so clueless that even if I tried to tell him what was up he wouldn't get. And that's the central conflict of the movie can these two guys who have a huge gap in each other's motivations hash it out and figure each other out before they wind up killing each other.

The ending song is so damn catchy I couldn't help but spoil the whole damn thing. Hey it's not just a Disney movie but  a Goofy movie. You didn't really think it was going to end on a downer

So okay. I am digging the plot but even you can't take drama in your talking dog movie, it broke from the more orchestral Disney tunes at the time to still find something that sounded pretty cool.  And that adds to the other reason this movie is worth watching the movie is kind of a time capsule of 90'sness. Including Pauly Shore.

And a Chucky Cheese knock off. Back. Back Dufus. Back I say,

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