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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Plan is Coming Together Quite Nicely

So against my better judgement, I broke my Magic hiatus. I was jonesin' too bad.  So after a few days here are my thoughts. Keep in mind these are limited to what I've seen and I've only been back a few days.

  • Boros Elite is a solid one drop for white. It's not going to go down in history as one of the best one drops ever. But the problem with one drops is most of them aren't very good anyway. By a turn or two after you play them they are generally worthless on the board. Boros Elite has midgame if not late game applications that make it okay. Not great but better than most of the stuff I've seen so far.
  • Assemble the Legion is nuts. Innistrad Block was all about the creatures and so whenever I did play I would play control decks. That is still my mindset especially with Azorius giving me all those tools I needed a win condition that would stick on the board when I wiped it, and Assemble the Legion is it. I can Supreme Verdict all day long and still have guys to beat you with. 
  • Also as a "sit back and let my opponent hit himself in the head" win condition extort ain't half bad either. I'm trying to construct a control deck and I'm sort of bleeding colors so it is really nice to have Blind Obedience that I can put into my white decks. It has a low mana cost and isn't a creature.
  • In that vein I need to build a deck around Guttersnipe and Young Pyromancer.  
  • That said if I really want to screw it and play with what I want Chromatic Lantern is a godsend. 
  • Everything I've seen of Thassa God of the Sea is beast. She's too rich for my blood but in most of the games I've played against her she crushes. 
  • I haven't seen too much of it but monstrosity looks like it has some potential. 
  • While I like both the art and idea of heroic creatures, they don't have enough buffs to support them in a deck right now.    
  • Well Dissolve is strictly better than Cancel. Not a lot to say there other than that. 
  • I have yet to find a good new blue one mana cantrip. For the last few years I took them for granted, which kind of goes back to my one drop problem.
  • Nobody seems to really be playing planeswalkers and that is weird because it was their crazy insane prices that made me stop playing in the first place. 
  • That said crazy insane prices are still a thing. 
And all of this is has been brought to you by a guy staring at a screen for two days trying to put together a standard control deck that can hit back without creatures or at least creature spells. 

Screw it. Boros Deck Wins.

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