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Monday, September 17, 2012

So I'm In A Cynical Mood.

It seems me on this night that if I truly wrote my thoughts I would come dangerously close to breaking personal rules. Yet, over the past week I feel I have been on a streak and do not wish to slow. I live not in the 60's. The dreams of our fathers have died. A utopia where all people's hold hands and walk together under the sun has not happened, and realistically will not happen due to the vices of our species, and yet to eliminate those vices would eliminate that which makes us human. The seven deadlies are to be lauded as evidence of the same fallibilities and vulnerabilities that make us worth saving. Despite them we still struggle on, trying to live on despite our loathsome natures. We're all trying to be the best version of ourselves and we should be commended on it. And the question I have to ask myself in all of this is what does the best version of me look like.

I have written over and over testaments to values. How does the man who lives by those values look and behave? And how does he struggle to overcome his baser nature. I am not an altruist. Self-motivated. Hell yes I'm self-motivated. I'm motivated to help myself.

But enough of these existential questions. We're approaching an election, and the first casualty in an election is the truth. The truth makes people unpredictable. Nothing makes a politician cringe more than the free will of the voter. When it comes to politics no one is an altruist. I once said we we're short sighted apes who would shoot each other in the face for three dollars and a shot of tequila. My view has not changed. But the question I now must pose is how do I feel, that it is we, the short sighted apes who would shoot each other in the face for three bucks choosing the leader of the free world.

The answer, I have no idea. When did democracy and republicanism become so complicated? I will not give up on them. I find all alternatives an anathema, and if I must to one day reaffirm why to my people I will find it an utter and contemptible disappointment. The reasons have already been stated by men and women with stronger pens and tongues than I, Locke, Payne, Thoreau,Anthony, King, Marshall and Thompson. Words to live by.

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