Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Ole Girl Lost Her Gait

It was the fall of '08. Young man thinking though life he'll skate.
Nothing lost for nothing gained.

He grew up seeing rolling floods and great towers fall.
So he knew life you can't always anticipate.
Yet he forgot that lesson as he lept into a new demon's maw.

All he wanted was to not stay silent. Just to not ride fate
To not be ignored.
But by the 10th year there were a thousand voices baying for blood.
Who can blame them as it all came down with no great ole thud.

Everything was turning cut rate.
But to him it always was.
We were just realizing it too late.
Life's palette we kept stirin' to mud.

The old girl had lost her gait.
Stumbling over her own weight

But still she limped on as she must
Because she had to, we had to trust

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