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Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's the Choice that is America

America. A word. A nation. More than that the power to be. To choose. I am. For good or ill, I am. I am, because I choose to be. Not because some lord, or king, or army told me what I was. But because as a free thinking individual I made a choice.

That is what America is or at least should strive to be.

Behind all the industry, the music, the technology, the war, the pain. It's the choice that makes us who we are. Both ours and those of our fathers. It's the choice that our ancestors fought and died for. It's the choice that now defines us. Not the consequences of the choice. Not the rightness or wrongness of the choice. But the choice itself.

And make no mistake. We make some idiot choices. Some downright shameful ones. But again on this day. It's the choice that matters. It's the choice that is America.

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