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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Southfield City Council Meeting Held December 19, 2011

City Council Meeting held in Southfield, Michigan on December 19, 2011

Topics Include

  • The Introduction of the New Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Tanya Markos-Vanno
  • The Upcoming Menorah Lighting Ceremony to be held at 5:30 pm December 21 on the lawn of South field City Hall
  • The Field Zone in Southfield Partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of South Oakland County
  • A Discussion About Future Funding for the Carpenter Lake Interpretative Center
  • Allegations of Police Time Card Fraud
  • The mayor urging council to begin transitions to paperless technology, ie using ipads and laptops in meetings rather than paper.

An agenda and related documents can be found here.

An audio file of this meeting can be found here.

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