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Friday, December 16, 2011

It's time I wrote with some hoop and holler: Regarding SOPA Apathy

If you, like me, "live" on the internet, over the past few days you have probably heard a lot of talk about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). It is not to you whom I speak.

I have been disappointed with the mainstream media's coverage of SOPA. There is relatively little coverage of it on the New York Times and CNN websites and CSPAN isn't covering the Judiciary Committee. Part of me believes that this is leading to a larger sense of apathy regarding the bill.

I am reluctant to discuss this, because as a young man who wishes to make a living by producing online content I have more than a small stake in the outcome of the debate. Furthermore several people for whom I hold great respect and are more articulate and intelligent than myself have already raised their pens regarding the merits and possible outcomes of the bill. However, I still sense that the country at large is apathetic.

In discussions with my family comments were made that basically amount to, "I seldom use the internet. This doesn't affect me. Why should I care?"

Allow me to retort. The internet regardless of individuals' personal use is one of if not the most important inventions of the last half century. It affects American culture, business, scientific research and infrastructural operation. It is quickly becoming, again if it is not already, fundamental to American society in the same way that our power, telephone, transportation and water systems are.

This bill has the potential to in a fundamental way change how on a technical level the internet works, and on an ideological level what the internet is. Regardless of whether you use the internet, or are a copyright hardliner you owe it you yourself, and the next generations to educate yourself about this issue. This isn't about whether it passes or fails, but that people are aware of the process and what's going on.

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