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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Terry Goodkind and Affirmative Action

So some time last year I said I would blast the political arguments of Terry Goodkind. I didn't for two reasons. One, while I like some of his books, the ones where he gets political, with exception of Faith of the Fallen, are crappy and I didn't feel like re-reading them. Two, when I talk about race which is tied to the, first book I was going to do, I tend to get a little fiery and I like the mousy persona I've adopted and don't want to blow it. For some reason people like me when I'm quiet and I like that. Yes, ignore the fuzzy haired nerd.

Anyway, I'm bored and have met only a third of this month's blog quota so ... yeah.

In his fifth book of the Sword of Truth series, Soul of the Fire, Goodkind tries to set up an allegory regarding affirmative action.

Due to personal laze rather than type out most of chapter thirty-four I'm just going to show you the google book of it.

You probably didn't read that so I'll sum it up for you. First how I think he means it. While being in on the bad side of atrocities suck the posterity of the society, including the descendants of the oppressed benefited from the resulting progress.

Now time for how I read it. Are you blacks better off living in the United States than in Africa? Yes. Then shut up about how slavery sucked. Are you Native Americans benefiting from European tech? Yes. Then shut up about the genocidal Indian wars. It aint my fault and it all turned out well in the end, plus it wasn't as bad as you're probably saying it was.

My reaction is more or less Sam's on this one.

I'll be honest. I am for affirmative action. However there are several arguments against it that I respect. Note, I said respect not agree with. That the atrocities of the past aren't the fault of the current generation and they shouldn't be penalized for the sins of their ancestors. That the economic inequality of the past isn't as institutionalized as it once was and that the need for it has passed. That it disenfranchises whites in a similar fashion as blacks were in the past. Damn I think I might have changed my own mind. Anyway the one argument that makes my head explode is that minorities are benefiting from the sins of the past and that makes it all good.

You know what? I think I'll more calmly lay out my arguments for affirmative action later but for now I need to blow off some steam, and run away from my demons. Until next time enjoy a piece of the soundtrack I listen to when pissed.

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