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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Musical Themes

I'm going to be honest here. Whether or not I like music is probably going to be based on the styles I'm predisposed to. Here are some themes that show up when I'm listening to tunes using albums released in the last 5 years as examples.

Metal Aint Dead
Metal is in a weird place right now. There are a lot of new styles. Some of them I like some of them not so much, but you got to give it to the classics. I love it when the masters come out with new material.

Ozzy Osborn: Black Rain
Megadeth: Endgame
Alice in Chaines: Blue gives way to Black
Guns and Roses (Really just Axl): Chinese Democracy
Slash: Slash

Dirty Rock
Okay I know it's an image that may not be accurate. I love no frills rock. Fuck the synthesizers and all that bull we're doing it old school, lot's of fuzz just so we can kick out that jams.


The Dirt Bombs: We Have You Surrounded
Tamir Kali: Black Bottom
Bellrays: Hard Sweat and Sticky
White Stripes: Icky Thump
Spinnerette: Spinnerette
Rise Against: Appeal to Reason

Smart Hop
Some rap is good some rap isn't. What makes the difference for me is rap that tries to say something. It doesn't have to be positive it just needs to be more than 50 clever ways of saying I'm hot and you're not.

Common: Go
Lupe Fiasco: Food and Liquor
Gnarl's Barkly: St Elsewhere
Flobots: Fight with tools

Soulful Songstresses
What can I say. I like ladies who can sing.

KT Tunstall : Tiger Suit
Adele: 21
Erykah Badu : New Amerykah

Nerd to the Core
Hey these are my people.

Jonathon Coulton: Thing A Week Series
Wierd Al: Alpokolypse

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