Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

It sucks, but we’ll take it

Ma, what’s on TV?
Nothing seeking to tell or give truth
Reality that’s not reality
And comedy that’s not witty
Its sucks, but I’ll take it

Ma, what’s to eat?
Foods that are fattening and greasy
Shit that that won’t even fill you up
Junk that’ll kill you up
It sucks, but I’ll take it

Ma what is it I can wear?
Shirts and shoes worth a third of what I paid
Glasses and Watches cost more than a car
They don’t even last that far
Before they will be out of style
It sucks, but I’ll take it

Ma what’s to hear?
A glorification of Sex and Drugs
Making it seem fun
When you know you’ll regret last night in the fucking –
Damn it, my head.
Who’s that in my bed?
It sucks, but I’ll take it

Ma what’s to say?
No words that will distinguish you
From the world around you
And make you feel intelligent and excellent
It sucks, but I’ll take it.

Ma why do I take all this idiotic shit they feed me?
Because you do
You don’t stop and say
There’s no way I will pay
For this garbage you are feeding me
And I will let you see
What will happen when I make my own
TV, and music, and food, and clothes,
And on top of that
Give the world my words
Because it is absurd
That when
It sucks, we’ll take it

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