Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Rage of a Phoenix

The water’s calm fades
A cascade
A torrent
It starts

A Spark
The winds pick up
The storm has been summoned
What was deep within rises

Passions and Power
Fire and Ire
Wroth and Wrath
The rage leaves its cage
Unrelenting, unstoppable, uncontrollable


It is like water
The glaciers have melted and will become a river
perhaps a small stream
but for now it’s a surge
It will alter the world maybe for the better
but will scar it first
And tear itself apart

A clap is sounded and it begins

From beneath the water
Beneath the pain
The thunderous cry is heard
From the fiery bird

It would have died soon enough
But it has been awoken
And released
And rebirthed

Over and Over
The Cycle of Calm and chaos
The waters fall.
It has been trapped again
How long before it escapes once more?
Let loose the anger within

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