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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Vikings' Real Problem... The Last Kingdom

So I love me some dudes with swords. So you know I've been all up in Vikings. But this season has been off. I don't hate it, but its hard not to feel like the show is spinning it's wheels, especially when somebody points out how much Viking Civil War feels like a giant waste of time.

I can only speculate as to why the writers don't just focus on the conquest of Wessex, but my guess is because both narratively and historically the most logical place for the show to go is The Last Kingdom.

Since really the death of Ragnar my biggest question with Vikings was how they were going to essentially tell the same story as The Last Kingdom when they caught up to it. When it came out The Last Kingdom in a lot of ways was Vikings: The Next Generations.  And then Vikings had that time skip and it became evident that the show actually did intend to tell the story of The Great Heathen Army

There are a few notable differences, Vikings is from the Danes' point of view. Though they aren't exactly unsympathetic in The Last Kingdom they are well established as the series antagonists and I was looking forward to a different perspective especially considering the dueling religious outlook of the factions. Both shows dip a toe into magical realism but Vikings more so and dealing with that would have been fun.

And then there is Bjorn. I'm not caught up on the second season of The Last Kingdom. But the first was notably Bjornless and Bjorn is my favorite character. It was going to be fun seeing what he was up to around this time. (We only got like three episodes in the Mediterranean when I was hoping he we would spend the entire season over there kicking ass.)

Regardless it was going to be a hard needle to thread. Before they actually showed up if you wanted to flash forward to "The Sons of Ragnar Lodbrok" The Last Kingdom was the place to go.

But more and more it seems the show is uninterested in retreading The Last Kingdom, thus The Viking Civil War.

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