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Saturday, February 4, 2017


George Will and Hugh Hewitt let's rap.

First off, I know I've said some not so pleasant things in the past and while I don't think I was completely wrong this election has proven there is a whole lot of nuts out there I didn't account for.

You came out against Trump at a time when a lot of the conservative press was capitulating to him. You have spine.  And if nothing else I admire that.

I am a liberal (left-leaning libertarian). There are a variety of factors involved in that but I am long past the point where I am going to pretend otherwise. But I like to imagine I at least have an open ear to conservatives. You know... that I'm fair.

And so I'll admit that sometimes you have a point. The media particularly print does tend to skew left. The government does work by coercion and that kind of sucks. The government should be held accountable for how it spends taxpayer money and there are a lot of institutions that provide needed stability to the social order.


You guys take a reasonable argument and push it a step too far especially in consideration to that argument's criticisms.

I've felt this way for a long time and that has caused me to dismiss a lot of what you and those representing conservative ideology have to say.

But you came out against Trump so you have an open ear.

...And you're losing it.

That said you aren't on my list anymore. So let's talk as if I take you seriously.

I would like to say I first read your columns in The National Review or the Washington Post, but my introduction to your minds was PregerU. I hate PregerU with the passion of ten thousand suns for the reasons I already said.

When you guys are on YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THAT. You want to defend capitalism. I love capitalism. It's kind of kicking my ass right now. But I want the stuff and capitalism is the best hope of me getting the stuff. Avarice is one of my vices.

Speaking of which. Don't call the Virginia Company socialist. Just don't.

But I digress.

I fundamentally agree that capitalism, the free exchange of currency, goods and services is overall a positive innovation in getting people the stuff they need and want.

Heck one of my beefs with Trump is just that.

But saying the government should have no role in the economy whatsoever goes a bit too far. Is Janet Yellen red because she was appointed by Obama? Don't answer that.

Still government shouldn't be involved in the economy?! No contracts. No taxes, no fed, AND NO MINIMUM WAGE!

Will your latest editorial in the Post rubbed me wrong.

Here is the fundamental problem. Wages are notoriously sticky.

People need need goods and services to live and that need puts them in an automatically weaker negotiating position. It's HARD to turn down a job because the pay is too low if you're struggling.

When wages don't rise well with inflation which they haven't it becomes harder for people on the bottom to afford basic stuff they need. But even without that Labor is basically the business everybody is in trading thier labor for currency and when the labor market is messed up the economy is messed up.

People spend what they get from wages and fuel the rest of the economy.

Now being a broke black guy in his 20's I can talk to you about inequality all day long but again I agree on the fundamental point that it sucks to get your stuff taken. I support "entitlement programs" and the stuff taxes fund but I admit seeing the numbers on your paystub go down for programs that are so obfuscated you can't tell who they help and how can suck.

And I can even admit that since it takes a crap ton of capital to invest in certain industries SOME of the wealth needs to stay concentrated for stability.


Asking for a higher minimum wage is not the same as asking for the downfall of civilization. It's asking to be able to pay your heating bill in winter or buy your kids nicer Christmas presents.

And I definitely don't like how asking for a fair day's pay for a fair day's work is seen as equivalent stealing from someone's pocket.

Note: When I wrote this I didn't realize that Hewitt flip flopped on Trump. 

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