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Monday, January 30, 2017

How Do You Break a Stone?

I loathe President Trump. For the past week, my morning has been waking up to some dumbfounding thing he's done that day or some dumbfounding thing he's done the day before that. I want him gone.

... But that's not going to happen. A Republican congress is not going to impeach him, he will not resign and hell I doubt he'll even course correct. I'm stuck with the man.

And as much as I hate to admit it the United States needs an executive force. He was elected by the rules. I'm going to have to learn live with Trump.

His "advisors" are another matter altogether.

To the GOP, look I get it. Trump is your man. You made a choice and it does you no good to publically second guess the decision AFTER the election. But Jesus Christ almighty if the GOP really gave a damn to they could at least rein in his staff.

Nothing's going to get done when every weekend McConnell, Ryan, and McCain have to field questions about Trump's latest dumb idea and by now we all know where those dumb ideas come from. Spicer, Conway, and Bannon.

Trump was elected but they sure as hell weren't.

To the left. You're not going to win if your goal is some reality where Trump actually takes dissent into account. And the GOP house has already proven how craven it is when it comes to standing up to Trump. That's not going to happen.

But even the GOP might listen to the argument that these propagandists are gaining too much influence over what is and may hopefully remain to be the most influential country in the world.

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