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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Does Not Compute

Look I'm a lefty. So I seldom take right-wing media seriously. Okay, I do but I long ago realized that if I let it that stuff will make my head explode and I like my head. I already have high blood pressure. Why make it worse?

But some weird stuff has been happening that's worth mentioning.

A huge chunk of the right wing wants to repudiate Donald Trump, who by the way I find disgusting so good on a point.

But what a lot of the right has been selling for the past few years has basically been a lighter shade of the stuff he's been selling.

  • Government institutions don't work and aren't worth investing in.
  • Blacks and latinos are on the dole and are taking your tax money.
  • There are too few economic resources to accept refugees and immigrants into the country. 
  • Authority figures such as police and the military have too little power and need to be given more to re-establish order.
  • Politicians are policing themselves too much not to look bad to women and minority constituencies at the expense of everyone else. 
  • Racism is over and remediation not worth discussing. 
At first, their major beef seemed to be in the few areas where Trump broke from conservative orthodoxy. Namely free trade and American interventionism (which by the way are ideas I believe are worth salvaging) but after Clinton's speech on the alt right they've been doing backflips to not just distance themselves from the man they've once supported but from logical conclusions of ideas they've been peddling for years.

Part of me think's it's funny.


Isn't that far removed from this. 

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