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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ideas for Patreon Videos

My last post was basically me saying I'm probably going to give up on all the "interesting" plans I had for a Patreon video and just film myself sitting in my chair vlog style sometime this week and say, "I'm running out of money and if you guys think that this blog is of any value whatsoever for the love of god please throw something my way or it will die on the vine."

But I thought that would be boring so here are some of the ideas I came up with.

Idea #1 The Montage
Basically a demo reel of all the footage I shot over the past year. Editing what easily tops 50 hours of footage into 90 seconds would be labor intensive and honestly I don't want to do it.

But less lazily it would probably tie up my editing computer up for a month so nothing else would get done.

This plan more or less went right down the tubes right around the time the RTA thing was happening and I was already pissed that it took me a couple days to get that meeting online and I honestly feel getting stuff out there fast enough so people can react to it is part of what makes it valuable.

I can't take a month off to get my shit together.

So timeliness is next to godliness.

Idea #2 Please Support Local Journalism

One of the things that vex me about this blog is that I do stuff that if I didn't do it probably wouldn't get done. And that's fine... for now.

But honestly sooner or later I'm going to move, or I'm going to want to do a bigger project and won't have time for the usual stuff, or somebody better equipped to do it is going to come along, or I may, in fact, run out of money and just have to not do it.

Part of me wants to just accept that and ask that if anybody who does local journalism well asks for support lend them an ear.

I don't know if I can say I do local journalism but at least for some things on this blog, it's what I aspire to.

You know, part of me wanted to be subtle about this but screw it.

Crystal Proxmire already has a Patreon and a reader support page and may very well be better at this stuff than I am. So please until I do my thing and maybe even after support her and Oakland 115.

Beyond that the more I thought about this approach the more I thought if it's something I really want to do it would make a better mini-documentary than a 90-second spot.

Idea #3 The Network Ident/Commercial 
In short, I would have to learn how to do a bunch a stuff which doesn't seem like that bad of an idea until we get back to that labor intensive, tying up my computer thing. Mainly how I wanted to do it involved moving typography with a sort of old-school noir feel (I have got to stop ripping off Moviebob) which is something I always wanted to learn how to do but didn't.  I would probably need a crash course in Aftereffects and Flash, both of which are programs I need to learn anyway ...eventually. But I barely have Premier under control so baby steps.

Idea #4 Voice Over Soothing Nature Imagery. 
Pretty much the same as the vlog idea except with well you know.

I really do have to stop ripping off Moviebob. 

Actually, now that I think about it's still not a bad idea and I don't particularly want to be on camera, but all the same I should probably show people my face if I'm going to hit them up for money.

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