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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why Do We Never Move?

I have finally decided to give my writing a good go yet I find myself uncertain as to what to write. I wish not to be jubilant nor flippant for there have been events that temper those emotions in me so instead I will forgo my normal dishonesty and be earnest. I will be earnest in what I desire and my arguments for it.

I want prosperity. I want personal and more over familial prosperity. I want myself and my kin to be able to do as we please unhampered by a lack of funds. That desire is the guiding star of my politics. I shall not call myself a Democrat but I do honestly believe that a great public good can be achieved when we all give a little of ourselves to obtain it.

Due to my reticence to humor I feel the most poignant point I can make at this moment is that, we have failed to finance our roads; we are failing to finance our schools. We should be ashamed, not only of the wound we commit to ourselves but to the wrong we do to our progeny.

The world may seem to move quickly but government moves slowly. The world our children inherit will be the one which our hands build. But out of greed those hands are tied and bound as the world, no not the world, my home slides backwards. Instead of rising into the dawn we plunge ourselves further into the night. I do not like my home being the butt of national jokes. I do not like cringing as people I have great respect for laugh at our wretched condition, which to be honest we have cast upon ourselves through our inability to dream,  to look into the black night and see the light of the stars, to chase those suns no matter how distant. The dawn may be far away but it will arrive through diligent work. We must rise from the muck, take up the gavel, take up the level, take up the ledger and yes take up the tomes of those who have puzzled their hopes before as we do now and for Christ's sake get to work!

The reason why our government does not is not foolishness but because they have taken the temperature of the people.  We want everything but will pay for nothing. This is not how a dream, not how a life is built. Yet that is what we have told to them. "Do what you can to fix our problems as long as we do not have put in for them." And we wonder why nothing gets built, why nothing gets fixed.

Before we shake the fist at them we should look to ourselves and ask do we really want things to get better. Do we want better schools, do we want better roads, do we want better laws or shall we remain and mire in the doomed status quo until the cost of our stagnation becomes to obvious and contemptible to bear.

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