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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Southfield September 8, 2014 City Council Meeting

September 8, 2014 Southfield City Council Meeting

Topics Discussed Include

  • Emergency Damage, Operations, and Brush Pickup Update After Local Storm
  • Flooding and Power Outages
  • A Contract For Detention Facilities and With G4S For Felony Arrests
  • A Proposal For A Power Pro Services Faculty
  • A Proposal to Make The Arbor Loft Project More Feasible
  • An update on Road, Water and Sewer Plans and Construction
  • The Establishment of A Public Arts Commission
  • An Update on The Southfield Base Line Obelisk
  • A Proposed Monitorium on Oil Gas and Mining Operations Within the City

An agenda and related documents can be found here.

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