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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Southfield City Council Meeting May 5, 2014

Southfield City Council Meeting Held Monday May 5, 2014

Topics Discussed Include

  • Road Funding
  • Road Conditions
  • Projections of Road Conditions at Various Levels of Funding
  • Various Road and Water Infrastructure Projects
  • Methods of Communication to the Public Regarding Road Infrastructure Particularly on the City Website
  • Delays in Evergreen and 10-Mile to I-696 (Evergreen and Civic Center area) Project
  • The Need to Discuss a Road Millage
  • The Appointment of Michael Racklyeft to the Position of City Assessor
  • The Mayor's Presentation and Transmission of the Proposed Budget for the Next Fiscal Year
  • A Brownfield Redevelopment Plan For The Site of the Former St. Bede Church on the Corner of Southfield and 12-Mile Road.
  • Changes to Building Department Bonds

An agenda and related documents can be found here.

Note: I will be posting a more in-depth post about infrastructure in a few hours depending on a few factors.

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