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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Stoner Semester

As a strictly political matter I'm pretty lenient when it comes to drugs, specifically mary jane. But there was one experience that made me want to put my foot up a dude's ass. The stoner semester.

Let's rewind, for, reasons... I transferred to Michigan State University, and stayed in the dorms. The first semester was a little rocky, because since I transferred I went in mildly blind and spent the first three weeks holed up with two roommates one of which was kind of an asshole, but I was a spoiled brat and ended with a sweet single after a while.

The way my dorm worked was that every two rooms would be connected by a shared toilet.  So while technically I was on my own I really wasn't. My first year my suitemate was the coolest RA ever. Seriously, this guy wound up in third place in the campus' battle of the bands.

And this is a good way to transition to talking about R.A.s. Resident advisers. At MSU I went through three, the cool one, the nerdy one, and the nice one. All three them were good but this story deals with the third, the nice one.

In my last semester of college my suitemate was a stoner. And I mean hardcore Half Baked stoner.

I pride myself on not being a narc, but damn I was hopping either this idiot would be smart enough to cut it out or would just get kicked out or arrested. It was hell having to deal with him.

By the way if you share a toilet think very carefully about getting so inebriated that you throw up and are in a state where you can't clean that shit up.

While I never admitted at the time because "not a narc" he would get blasted at two and three in the morning with his buddies. The guys didn't exactly keep it on the QT. Everybody in the hall knew what they were doing.

Never ever piss off nice guys. We want to be all chill, but there comes a time when we realize we can't, and when we get past that point Jesus H. Christ, the dichotomy. Again this R.A. was one of the nicest girls I ever met but man this guy pushed her to the breaking point.

So now I am not being kept up by his loud ass friends,  but arguments with her, and eventually...regular cop dog drug raids, when she decides to just call it in.  I am not making this up. Again this was the semester I had the "nice" R.A. but even she had to start going hardcore on him. At first she just started calling dorm meetings to reiterate the no drugs thing. That was the lowest key way should could deal with this, it wasn't just him, but he was the worst.

But now everybody in the dorm is ticked off because they have to sit through these things and are looking at me because I quasi-live with the guy. As she put it "I know the people who show up to these things aren't the ones I need to be talking to." I guess if I were a better man I could have tried, to "help" this guy but honestly I was just trying to ignore it and get though my last couple of months before graduation. I am a bad life coach.

I don't know what happened after that. I graduated in winter so I only dealt with a semester of that.

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