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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Horror Anime For The Season

Everybody else is going to be watching their slasher movies or vampire movies but I your friendly neiborhood otaku will be watching anime so here are some horror anime I like.

Blood the Last Vampire

I barely remember it, but it was awesome. If you can find it definitely check it out but I'll probably be watching the movie they made out of it.

There are two Tv show based off of the property but the short film is the one that stuck in my head.

Petshop of Horrors

You know there are some people who just don't listen. You tell 'em don't feed the rabbit junk and they do and then they end up getting eaten by the rabbit and expect you to feel guilty for selling the abomination to their dumb asses in the first place. Damn it.


I've only seen one episode and there are rights issues involved for the first season but I will probably hole up and watch the second and third. Anyway think bloody mary for the new millininum.

Boogie Pop Phantom

Kicking it old school.  I never watched it but it's on my list and on Hulu.

Paranoia Agent

Okay the show may not seem that, "scary" at first, but it gets there. Every episode is told from the perspective of a disturbed person and it takes a while to figure out they aren't exactly reliable perspectives. Keep in mind we're watching through the eyes of schizophrenics and the story waits a really long time to tell us that.


It doesn't look like horror at first, I think I'm repeatiing myself, but things get wierd fast. Almost every character has something supernatural going for them.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Chapter Black

After the Dark Tournament Toonami started messing with the schedule so a lot of fans don't even know about the Demon Kings and Chapter Black arcs of Hakusho. But man the rabbit hole goes deep.

Imagine if you will that you were a human detective charged by the cosmic order to keep the things that go bump in the night from devouring humanity. Then imagine if you will you were shown every and I mean every asshat thing people did to deserved their fates and decided, "You know what they have it coming."

Full Metal Alchemist

The show is a lot of things and what's striking is it does all of them well including the horror bits.  Check out the poor fate of Nina Tucker.

Hellsing Ultimate

Dracula going on a vampire Nazi killspree. With batshit catholic priests thrown in for good measure. I'm in! Okay so it's not scary in the least but ... Nazi vampire killspree. They're vampires and Nazis I feel totally fine watching them get ripped to shreads, by the psychotic king of vampires.


Well since I have a thing for Vamapires. You know apart from supernatural wakiness the best horror stories are all about human drama. How our failings which are normally ignored can cause our undoing. On the surface it's a pretty standard other wordly invasion story, but the real drama is how everyone's vices human and former human alike, vices escalates the problem.

Rin Daughters of Memoysyne

Mommy the immortals are fighting again.


While it's fun to think up boogie men the most dangerous monster of all is man himself. Clever and ruthless. Ultimately the Antichrist will be one of our own. We will be brought low buy not the rage of the heavens or the earth but by the worst of us.

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