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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Second Lost

I look around me me and see rot. I look and wonder how the streets became so empty, and people became so mean, and know that it is not the present that I lament. It is for the past and the lost future of my generation. All the resources spent rebuilding should have been spent simply building. And I feel a unquenchable rage at the previous generation, for the waste and squalor. It was not us who had the keys. It wasn't us who voted the bums in. We were not standing at the top of the towers, nor sitting inside the domes nor was it us who had the command of the wire.

I feel this way because the fall came just as I was coming of age. The hope of my formative years has long since been spent. All we could do is watch and wonder what it all meant. And now I wonder if what it all means even matters.

We're a generation of store clerks and bus boys. Constantly being told we are failures for not succeeding in a broken system, a system which our parents destroyed if it ever existed. The promises they told us of our future, broken.

And all the while whenever one of us points any of this out we are called whiners and beggars. I'm tired of perpetuating the delusion that the world is as it was described to me as a child. For I am a man now and must cast away childish things.

Can we even fix it? Is this the new normal? Probably, and while my rage is no solution I choose to cling to it. My elders refuse to give us vindication or absolution why should we give any in return.  We are doomed to lives of lowered wages and mediocrity because their wrath, pride and greed.

I am tired, and I am angry. I am tired and I am angry.

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