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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Southfield City Council Meeting January 28, 2013 (Walmart Public Hearing)

City Council Meeting held in Southfield Michigan on January 28, 2013,

The meeting mostly concerned a public hearing regarding rezoning that would allow for the building of a proposed Walmart store.

In the end the City Council voted against the rezoning 5-1 voting as follows

  • Sylvia Jordon:  Abstained  because her husband a clergyman had shown prior interest in purchasing the property.
  • Donald Fracassi: No
  • Sidney Lantz: Yes
  • Myron Frasier: No
  • Kenson Siver: No
  • Jeremy Moss: No
  • Joan Seymour: No

In a written email statement after the vote, Daniel Morales, Director of Communications

We are disappointed in the Southfield City Council’s decision.  Walmart listened to residents and elected officials and incorporated that feedback into a plan that was well within city zoning ordinances.   What’s more, our proposed store would have been consistent with the City’s Master Plan for continued retail development along the Southfield Road corridor.  It’s unfortunate that residents won’t be able to benefit from an additional 300 job opportunities and new, fresh food options along 12 Mile and Southfield Roads. 
We thank our supporters and associates for their hard work and dedication through this process.

Prior to the meeting a protest rally was held in the pavilion outside of council chambers. Several members of the community were in attendance including, Stephanie English who spoke both at the meeting and at the rally in opposition to Walmart. Ms. English compared the situation at the St. Bede property to fitting a glass slipper on many feet to find Cinderella. She stated that she felt that the city shouldn't allow the rezoning just because Walmart was an immediate developer at the table, and and that the city should wait for something that was a more proper fit for the site.

An agenda and related documents can be found here.

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