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Thursday, November 8, 2012

You mean after 2 years and $3 billion we're in the same boat?

First off let me say that I sat out doing anything regarding the election for the past week because I felt that one man with no budget could not effectively cover a national or even state election, especially in comparison to all the other news outlets who are. All I could really do was parrot what was already said by more qualified voices or spout off my own opinion which could easily veer off into partisan hackery. 

That said I am going to give my opinion about the results, which yes has already been said by more qualified voices.

Many of my disappointments with the Obama administration, come from his inability in a divided government to accomplish some of his more lofty goals such as, closing Guantanmo Bay, passing the Dream Act, and various banking reforms.

Absolutely nothing changed! Government is still divided. The Republican House of Representatives still hate his guts. Most evidence suggests that Washington is incapable of doing a damn thing in times when things really need to get done.

Throughout the election both Obama and Romney said they did not expect the sequestrations agreed to in the debt-ceiling debate to take place. But I do, the sequestrations were a last minute poison pill created because of Washington's inability to negotiate and act in times of crisis. That inability still exists.

We still have a dysfunctional Congress! The only silver lining I see is the posiblity that without a looming election, it is not compleatly to the advantage of congressmen and congresswomen to be at least as publicly hostile to one another as they have been, but election seasons are long and House terms are short. So hope is limited.

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