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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nobody Likes A Presidential Shrug

At the moment I am currently watching the third presidential debate via The New York Times. And something occurred to me as I was watching Obama speak about the prospective draw down of troops in Afghanistan.

Many of the issues that will decide this election have been simplified into platitudes for the people. The truth is that there is no magic bullet for the recession or the crisis in the Middle East. What our world will look like in the coming years is unpredictable, because these are complicated issues with many competing factors.

The reason why we are beginning to look at leaving Afghanistan is because there is a doubt that it is possible for American and Afghan troops to trust each other in the field, not because we've "won" or are winning the war on terror.

My gut tells me that regardless of who is elected the economic recovery will be a long and difficult road. For our debt to seriously be cut we will have to touch programs that nobody is happy to cut, Democrat and Republican alike.

There is no easy solution. But that is not what I feel the candidates are telling the public. Regardless of who is elected there will be no magic bullet, no instant fix, no cure. Largely because we the American people aren't interested in anything else. We aren't interested in asking "What can we do for our country?". Nor do we really even pose the question of "What can our country do for us?" No because we feel that the ballot is the end and the beginning of it all, and as long as our guys are in power everything will work itself out.

All we get are the platitudes because we seek nothing more. Nobody wants the doc to give it to them straight. To us it is patriotic to patronize.

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