Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lot and Luke

I am alone
But hear and understand before pitying me
For it is not my aloneness that is what brings me sorrow

For it is the trespasses against my home

I am a small man
Small and afraid
For there is a difference between chosen solitude and unsolicited rejection

To live is to be alone
For I am too cowardly to unmask myself
and risk true intimacy

Because of this I am chained
tempered and cooled

But in this place
I am master of my own fate

That book was placed by my own hand
That piece of beauty chosen and cherished by my eyes
This wooden chest holds the garments that shield my flesh

In this control, it is here and only here I find freedom
Here and only here I can be large and because of that
It is here and only here I am unafraid

For those who understand and respect this deep sanctity of my home my door will be unlocked and bread will be at my table

For all others I say unto thee do not bother me for my door is already locked to you

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