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Monday, February 6, 2012

Movie Review: Daybreakers

Okay. You know how I've been on a vampires are monsters because by definition they have to eat us kick. Well now I'm going to review Daybreakers. First off I like it. It's a smart vampire movie. It deals with just that dilemma. They have to drink blood. And if they don't bad bad things happen.

In this movie vampires start off as your Lastat looking vampires and without blood slowly start degrading into your Orlok looking vampires. That is the plot. Figure out a way to get them off blood before a second vampire apocalypse happens. Get them off blood before the vampires the other vampires are afraid of take over, cause those are some scary mother -shut yo' mouth. I'm only talking about homo draculas.

And it works. The movie understands completely the underlying reason why vampires are bad, and plays with it. It's not that they're sociopathic, though they are. It's not because they're immortal and hard to kill, though they are. It's not because they're conniving bastards, though they are. It's because they have to eat us, and that just ain't right. If the vampire apocalypse happens I don't want to feed and I don't want to be fed on. Both seem like pretty lousy ways to live. Thus my general KOS approach to blood suckers.

Okay so apart from the premise, how does it stack up? First off they choose which vampire rules they were going to work with well. The only "weird" twist I can think of is that the vampires developed tech to help them overcome they're weaknesses, and well that makes sense. When let's call it 90 %of the population becomes night walkers you adjust. The vampire rules aren't annoying. Carlyle from said it best, playing around with the lore is one thing but if you push it too far you make vampires not vampires, and these guys are definitely vampires. There is even a self awareness about it that I think humanity would shy away from in reality.

These guys are vampires and are embracing it... so much so that there's a blood crisis.

Okay how about gore factor. It's not a vampire movie without the aforementioned blood. Let's just say when almost all of humanity has turned vamp and the blood starts running out you do not want to be the one guy in the room with a heartbeat. You're chum man. You are chum!

I described the general plot but how about how it's executed. It is executed damn well. Again the movie is smart with its vampires exploring the ramifications of it. It explains itself well and has few lose ends or plot holes. It is an intelligent vampire movie.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I just watched Daybreakers at, things have been a little slow in the DISH call center tonight. I have to agree that this is a good vampire film. They didn’t mess with rules too much, the story is solid and the cast is great. When stacked up against currently popular titles, I would have to say this film blows those sparkly vegans out of the water!


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