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Friday, July 29, 2011

Album Review: Joss Stone: LP1

Joss Stone
3/5 out of 5


First let me give a disclaimer. My genre of choice is rock. Sure I dabble in other stuff, stick my toe into some other rivers but rock is what I love.

That said what I love about Joss Stone is that she transcends genre. That is both a good thing and a bad thing on this album. There is almost guaranteed to be at least one song you love on it, but there is going to probably be something else that turns you off.

It's not like any of it is bad. It's just that Stone does her thing on it. And her thing isn't suppose to be anything. There is old fashioned folk, some old school '60s flavored rock, heck even some funk inspired stuff makes it onto the album.

Like I said whatever the song it, feels like she's in her element, but it might give some listeners some whiplash. I'm enough of an eclectic that I kind of dig it, but I know other folks might not.

By the way is this the summer of love? What's with all the love albums these past few months?

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