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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Robin the Hood (Draft 1 of Chapter 1)

It’s a day that makes any man think. Malik Locksley was soon to be a father. He had sworn to himself he would only marry after e had made something of himself. And through hard work

He had grown up in the eastern slum of the city. For most of his life he had no hope. He still did not know how he had done it. He scrapped and saved and begged. Then the banked loaned him the money, he needed to start the store. It was dangerous to keep it open but people need a place to buy the goods they needed. Too many good grocers had left the city. He stayed and the people thanked him with their business. Sure the young ones thought him an easy mark, but he knew everyone within five miles of that store, and when someone stole from him he would call one of the theifs relations, one they dared not cross. A mother, a father, an aunt. Malik was not rich, but he had enough to know his younger days of struggle were behind him.

People respected the man. He was generous rather than greedy, knowing how much luck played in his rise as work. He did not mind people owing him, even if it wsa not for the store. Most knew him as a man they could come to if they needed help paying a bill or feeding a child.

That is how he met is wife Sharri. Sharri’s sister was a single mother and Sharri asked him for help. At the time she was trying to become a teacher. They both talked about politics, and how things in the city needed to change. The ones with money stloe from the ones with the least of it to lose, and those just struggled on.

They saw themselves of like mind and became partners in everyway. Now she was giving birth to their first child.

“Have you thought of a name” The doctor asked.
They had not known if the child would be a boy or a girls so they both agreed on the name Robin.

“Robin Locksley” They said in unison


“Again.” Millerson thought “Every weekend. Why am I still friends with this guy. Miller was seventeen but looked thirteen. If that were not enough to get him picked on he was also a nerd. There was a time in his life when he denied that fact, but each attempt to be cool was more laughable than the last. Eventually he gave up and just ran with it. That’s when the beatings started, Every god damned day he would be tripped or punched, or stolen from. There was only one kid who had the decency to stand up for and that was Robin.

It was not a rock solid friendship though. The two were as different from each other as a stone is from a feather. Every weekend Robin would find some party or concert to go to and would drag Millerson with him. Things would be fine for a while the two would joke but before long a pretty girl would come along and Robin would follow her. Miller who would much rather be at home watching the latest stargate, would be left twiddling his thumbs.
“Hey Millerson” It was Marry.

“He does it every gd time.”

“Yeah I’m sorry for the time it was me.”

“Not your fault, its just I know it's going to happen so why do I keep letting him talk me into being a third wheel.”

“Mind if I keep you company”

“Better than drinking twenty cokes by my self. I know this pisses you off too.”

“ What d you mean”

“Its obvious to everyone you still like him”

“Everyone but him you mean. Eh Forget it.”

“You’re right it’s none of my business. So while MR. Mac Daddy over there gets his game going’ what are you going to do.”

“I was going to go home and get some sleep there’s a track meet in the morning. There is going to be some Canadian team from across the river there.”

“Good luck and kick there ass for me.”

“Will do see you round.”

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