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Friday, September 3, 2010

Back in the tiny white box... and loving every second of it

I'm glad to be back. Being home is alright but it feels good to be back. Being at home is less normal than being here and there are certain things I missed about being here.

Pedestrian friendliness

That's the best part of living in a college town. At least from my experience they are extremely pedestrian friendly. My parents always look at me funny when I say that I am not going out because it would take longer to get to where I am going than I actually plan to spend there. I don't understand how that became the norm and it seriously erks me.


I got to be honest. I'm not a people person, but the burbs always seemed dead. I like being able to look out my window and see people walking around. I like being able to see at least 10 to 20 people walking around when I go outside. It just seems weird otherwise.

Lack of (well less of) parental politics
I love the folks. I really do, but sometimes what's a big deal to them really isn't. I like the fact that I can save time and effort by not getting into pointless arguments about whether my shirt is ironed, or about which hat I choose to wear.

Broken Schedule
With or without a job chances are in the summer that I would spend majority of the day in one spot, but here I am probably going to be all over the place. Like I said its easier to go out here so if I want to grab a slice on my way home from class its only about an extra 10 minutes in travel time and 15 in eating time. Not only that but I have classes in different places so I am not in my cube all day. I like that.

This is my space
Okay its really not but my dorm just feels like its more mine than my folks and that counts for a lot.

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