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Friday, July 30, 2010

To Those Bastards Who Say Punk is Dead A.K.A. The Detroit 2010 Warped Tour Rocked

Well not all of it. Admittedly there was a lot of downtime. But when it was hot it was real hot.
I was late and spent a about the first hour at the Kevin Says Stage. Where I heard American Sixgun's awesome cover of Folsom Prison Blues.

Then I stuck around for The Banana Convention. To be honest, they aren't my cup of tea, but they were so fun that you can't not at least respect them. Even if they aren't to your taste, you see they enjoy the show and their fans enjoy the so and so well, you enjoy the show.

So like I said, for the first bit I pretty much stuck to the Kevin Says Stage. Last year it was that stage and Ernie Ball that kicked the most ass, at least to me. By the way Longway's cover of Rebel Yell, last year oh my friggin' God. The last band I really caught there was Kelsey and The Chaos.

After that I walked around a bit and then heard an awesome drum solo and literally went running the the AP Advent Stage Again the drums were the main thing that drew me there, but the band was okay. I'm not sure who they were though.

All that said those, drums were friggin' loud and I thought I lost hearing in my right ear so I decided to take a break from the bands and head inside the stadium for a while. While in there I decided to get my bearings and figure out an actual plan. You know, figure out what bands I knew I definitely wanted to see. I decided the next show I wanted to see was Reel Big Fish

After Reel Big fish I was starting to get disappointed. I heard a lot of good bands, but nothing that was kick ass. So I went back into the stadium. And then I went see Pennywise. Prepare for long personal aside. I loved The Distillers, but they broke up so I'm looking for stuff thats like the Distillers, and come accross Tsunami Bomb, now also broken up. Anyway, Agent M on one of their songs, I can't remember which one, sings the chorus to Fuck Authority, which forevermore made me love Pennywise. They are awesome.

And the circle pit. Jesus Christ.

After the pit I needed a decent sitdown so well I went back to the stadium and it was about this time that the Tigers started practicing.

Anyway I get my second wind and end up checking out Face to Face, and having a really surreal experience because they did a cover of a Pennywise song I had just heard. Loved it all the same.

Again its about this time that I started to get tired so well, you know the drill by now, and it's not like I was alone.

This leads me to the grand finale. Okay other bands were playing but hey they were the guys I came to see. The band that made me like rock music in the first place Sum-41.

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