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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why the heck does a wizard need a sword? A gun maybe, but a sword?

I've decided to wet my feet with blogging after a two month hiatus. I will write on all the crazy stuff that happened later but its personal so I won't right now. Instead I just want to get back to writing. There is lots of news stuff I can write about and I will eventually, but for now I want to do something fun, yet serious so. I'm going to write a series of articles on my favorite book series. Some will be serious rebuttals to political arguments made in the series, others will be reviews of the series itself and one will be a rant about why I hate the tv show that's based on it, but first a little background.

The series is Sword of Truth and it was one of my favorite book series in highschool. I am a bit of a science fiction and fantasy nerd and it was probably the series that codified that aspect of my personality, if I don't count Animorphs or Magic the Gathering Books.

The first book is more or less a standard retelling of the heroes' journey. Part of me wants to call the series cynical for the violence, and "oh my god I can't believe he wrote a character doing that!" moments but ultimately the morality is fairly black and white throughout it. If you're a villain you are really, really, really evil, and if your a hero you're "portrayed" as being some sort of saint being the last thing between the villains and the apocalypse.

The problem with that is as the series goes on the characters become more and more self-righteous, leading to points where anyone with half a brain can tell they are being a bit hypocritical. It also leads to moments where out of nowhere the characters will give political diatribes that have little or nothing to do with the plot and are severely flawed in logic.

Despite that I still love the book series. Especially the first 6 books.

The reason why I'm thinking about it now is that recently the series final of the tv show its based of of aired. I love to hate that show.

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