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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Hate Apple

I do not have an i-phone. I might love apple if I did but because I don't I can be a bit more objective. There is a lot of buzz about the i-pad but honestly. I haven't seen it. Right now Google is in the best position to knock a blow to Apple, but I hope the sleeping giant awakens and Microsoft does something cool.

For ages I have defended Windows and I will briefly do so again. I get the games. I get lower prices. That's starting to not be enough. All the apple ads make it seem like windows guys are stuffy suits but for me its the opposite. While at school I've been exposed to some pretty cool apps that would make the stuff I plan to do for a living easier, but guess what. Those all work best on Macs. The problem is the stuff I would do in my off time like playing Total War would work best on a P.C.

All of this is moot though considering I don't have enough money for a new computer anyway, and the same could be said for an i-phone whose lowest monthly plan is $70. I definitely can not afford that. My problem with apple is that their products are always out of my price range, which is weird since I am their target audience the young geek.

I keep waiting for Big Willy Gates to come back to the company like Jobs did and wow me with new democratized tech I can afford, but I doubt it will happen.

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