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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Finding Eden Chapter 1

I hate this. Everybody tells me my high school years are going to be the best years of my life but damn it, yesterday I slept ‘till twelve. I had freedom. I for the most part could do whatever I wanted. Going through this every year pisses me off. I just want to go home sleep eat, and do whatever the fucking else I want.

Okay I guess now is the time for introductions. My name is Elijah Erick Alvins. Most of my friends call me De which is short for Double E. In case you weren’t paying attention today is the first day of ninth grade for me, and I am not looking forward to it.

“Wake up Evan,” My Mother says. I reach for my black electronic clock that she bought just a few days earlier in preparation for today. Crap, forgetting to set it was a real mistake because now I am forced to listen to her give me the responsibility speech, which she was probably going to give today anyway.

“Son you’re in high school now. In four years you’re going to be on your own. You can’t forget things like this. It may seem like a small mistake now but in a few years it could cost you your job. ”

I don’t remember what she said after that, because about then I started playing “Slim Shady” in my head. I forgot half of the third verse but I had the melody down.

A few minutes later I was in the shower. As the water ran down my back I thought what will happen on this day. Whatever it is it has disrupted my summer days and I was not going to like it. My greatest possession was my liberty. And in one day it was ripped away from me. In one day it was beyond my reach. They always do it. They give you two and a half months where they tell you have your fun, relax, do as you will. Then they grasp you back to the cold monotony of routine and obedience that they force you to follow for the rest of the year. I wonder if they are trying to condition me, to make me a dog without dignity for the rest of my life.

Sometimes I wish that I lived in the woods. We think we lost Eden. Eden lost us. We had to complicate it with currency and career. We couldn’t just live with what God gave us, the fruit of the trees and the meat of the beasts. We had to reach for the better tool, the better way. What if I don’t want a better way? What if I fine just surviving? Then they’ll brand me a bum, and no one wants to be what society tells them no one should be.

After getting dressed, I grabbed a notebook, a pen, my wallet and my keys and set down a road I did not desire. On the way I met up with John. John is one of the few human beings whose company I enjoy. “Hey it’s De.” he says to me
“How’s it going John”

“You know the usual. Some good, some bad, some not so sad. How ‘bout you”

“You know how I feel this time of the year”

“Yeah but you’re always up by October”

“True, but it’s August”

“Well think about it like this Elaine is back in town from that camp, and even if that complicates your life and ‘ll make you feel worse, which knowing your melancholy butt it will, there are all those fine fine high school beauties. Oh yeah and I know you hate me telling you stuff your parents tell you , but young man,” he mocked, “you are going on an grand adventure where you will become the man you will be for the rest of your life as well as have experiences you will never forget. He Ha”

“Ha he, Thanks man you always know what to say to bring me back from a funk”
“One of the many talents of Jovial John I suppose”

Not long after we reached a large cluster of buildings. They would be my prison for the next four years. The mailing my parents received. Told me that as a freshmen I was to report to the Auditorium in building A to receive orientation, a schedule, and a locker. Of course the letter didn’t tell me which building was building A or which room in building A was the auditorium. I had to stop and ask a senior. He told me that building A was the building on the left and that the administration normally puts up signs as to where the auditorium is on the first day of school is. So, I continued to walk until I reached the place. Greeted by a false smile at the door, I was told to find seat and wait for orientation to begin.

An intimidating and large elderly man walked out onto the stage, and introduced himself as our principal. The man next two him told us that he was our councilor.

“This is your first year of high school. What you do in the following four years will have a profound effect on the rest of your life. These years will effect what college you will go to or even if you go to college. Mind you it is your choice whether you go to college, enter the work force, or join the military.” The giant man paced as he spoke. He told us mostly about school policy and every once and awhile try to impress upon us the importance of high school. Why do adults always think they can tell us everything? Our lives are our own. We live them. Part of that is finding things like that on our own. Sure we may dig holes for ourselves but what makes us grow is pulling ourselves out of them. But do they see that. Fuck no!

The rest of the day consisted of the normal first day of school crap. The runaround of stupid trivia and tours of places I don’t intend on setting foot on anyway. Well at least I got that out of the way.

One teacher gives me homework. He wants me to write my goals. I have one goal, and that’s to live my life my way.

On my way home I cross paths with Elaine. We always called her LA. She moved here from Cali a few years back. It just made sense, and of course it sounded like her real name. “Why didn’t you say anything to me.” She asks.
“Oh, I didn’t see you.”

“I sat in front of you at the assembly”

In truth I had seen her. Life gets complicated with exs. We dated before the summer. She broke it off to play the field. I defiantly wanted to avoid the conversation we were about to have.
“You want to get back together.”


“Why not”

“No, why didn’t you meet a boyfriend at camp.”

“Come on De”

“Eh you broke up with me, not the other way around., I’m perfectly fine with being single."

“Yeah, well maybe I’m not.”

“That’s your fucking problem. You know what. When you left I was lost, but then I found my self. I may not be happy but at least I’m not a bitch.”

“No but you’re a bastard”

At that we left.

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