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Friday, July 2, 2004

My Manifesto on War

We would like to believe that we are just in war, that we are benevolent liberators. Bull Shit. War is hell. There are always atrocities, many of which we commit. Why? Let us not forget that the horrid state of war is horrid. Grant knew it. Jackson knew it. MacArthur knew it. Tyler knew it. God Damn Sherman knew it. Patton did not say show ‘em heaven he said “Give ‘em hell”. They are not called the rabbits of war. They are not called the cute fuzzy hamsters of war. They are called the fearsome dogs of war. A people can not participate in war and in some way not sacrifice their humanity, their ideals.

War is evil so that two armies will never again want to make a killing charge into each others lands. But time and time again we forget this lesson. We win. Arrogant we forget the men we lost to Britain, Spain, and Mexico. We believe we can handle the demons of war, when in fact we become the demons of war.

War is not a game to be played lightly. Millions of lives are touched in said game. Families are destroyed. Brilliant soldiers die in a crimson pool of blood, sweat and tears. And most, they don’t die. They get carved up loosing legs and arms. Why, for our damned national pride, because no president wants to be known as the one who lost a war. The one who bowed and showed we are not bullets but people.

Wait. What about appeasement. Germany ripped right through France. Show no weakness, no hole in the defenses. Yes, but don’t rush into an ambush. Don’t act like you want a long bloody war. This is not the west of the movies this is international politics.


Put a stop to selling our weapons over seas. That is what got us in trouble in the first place. Reconstruct from the ground up public education. Don’t just patch it. Offer awards to those who prove to be innovative to give rise to science and Art.

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